About the Books


All the books on this website are out of copyright in Australia, this means that the author died before 1955. Once a book is out of copyright in Australia, they cannot be copyrighted again, so are then able to be freely published in Australia.

If you are in another country, you may wish to check your country’s copyright laws.


At the moment all of the refreshable braille files are in 30 cells per line 25 line per page format (A4),  and a blank running title with braille page numbers at the top of the page (as recommended by the Australian Braille Authority – Braille Formatting in Australia). Please let me know if you would require a different size page or format.

The currently created embossable braille files are 30 cells per line and 25 lines per page (A4). This is the same format that the International Council on English Braille offers. They have braille numbers at the top of each page along with the running title. Please let me know if you require a different format.

In order to have embossable files for each book, I have added a single file with the whole book in a format suitable for embossing. The title page has room to add the details of each volume created, and can be printed out multiple times. If you require a different format e.g. 40 x 25, I can create it as required and send it to you, if enough people ask for a format, I will add it to the download page.

The files that I transcribe from are all electronic files, so there are no print page numbers in any of the files.

Braille transcription

The book files have been created in Duxbury for Mac and have only been roughly proofread, the poems and short stories have been transcribed manually, and proofread only by myself.

If there are any corrections required, please contact me, I will correct the file, and for the book files, if you wish, add you in as a proofreader (under your chosen name).

File Hosting

My file hosting at the moment is on box.com. If you are using a screen reader, there is an option to switch to an accessible version of the site.